Julie PPicHello, my name is Julie and welcome to my blog, Radish & Pear !

This is my personal collection of healthy and a few not so healthy recipes.

And here’s a little about me…

So, I grew up on a strawberry farm and am now living in the ‘burbs’; have been for the last 9 years actually. Growing your own produce is something I was taught (and had an interest in) and I love having my own garden, tending to and above all cooking and creating something delicious from those very ingredients. Food is definitely a healthful obsession of mine. Thus after high school, choosing a career path was a no-brainer for this chick;) I studied food and herbs for a good five years this enabled me to become a holistic practitioner, naturopathic nutritionist.

Another reason why I like to cook and create food in the kitchen is because I was one of the few who grew up with a Thermomix. This kitchen appliance really propels my creativity in the meals I prepare for my family and friends. I use it on a daily basis, heaps of times during the day. I will be sharing recipes for the Thermomix method and I’ll try to convert and add the conventional method too 🙂

Another BIG reason (probably the biggest one) why I am in the kitchen all day, everyday is, I have the privilege to cook for not only my husband of ten years, but my little bear cub, who is 21 months (that’s almost two years old, for those who don’t have kids). I have stuck with my instincts and not gone with main stream ideas of what to feed my little one (it’s not too controversial) and I am enjoying watching her thrive and being the happy li’l vegemite she is 😉

I don’t follow any particular diet; I like vegetarian meals mostly; but I eat fish, poultry and lamb. I don’t do well on wheat or gluten-containing grains so I have been avoiding gluten in my diet since 2007; actually most grains have been avoided in my kitchen the last 2 years or so – I just stick with pseudo-grains, which are actually seeds and easier to digest e.g. quinoa, buckwheat. I like the Paleo (aka Caveman) diet. It’s a great sustainable way of eating – eat the whole animal, not just chicken breast for example. Bone broths are the equivalent of quality multi mineral supplements, full of anti inflammatory properties. By default, I ferment my vegetables. That’s how I was brought up, making and eating traditional sauerkraut, dill cucumbers etc. thanks to my eastern European background. However, I love the Mediterranean diet too! I love oats drizzled with extra virgin olive oil, and a sprinkle with sea salt (give this recipe a go). I do like my beans, lentils, chickpea hummus and soft and white cheeses – mozzarella, brie, camembert etc.

I am a strong believer in eating fresh, real, whole food.

Thanks for stopping by; I hope you enjoy.

Bon appetit 

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